Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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I hope everyone is well. I am a new Forex Trader. I like to study in Forex. Making Money in the Forex currency market as well as machines or gaming stage do not think it should be. I have to say it back. The Forex Trader There are many different types of people who are basically caught in the Forex Scam site and join the digital business in order to cover all of Loss. Join the best doing it overnight, but you will cover all of your lifetime Loss, this kind of thinking is not right. Forex market is in Loss and will be just as chance.

All of this said. Working eighty words. The new study is the Forex Strategy. I do not like the idea of ​​food formula, and the formula they resolve wrong.I believe that good results can be found in the food trade formula to Trader, but I can not be. To be Trader is good if you make your own formula.There is no formula can make their own who has been a reserve. I learn a lot more complicated formula is complex, but it is a very simple formula you can made. Without learn complex formula is the basic thing that you can not understand it. Basic ideas, they can make your simple formula. I will be able to trade with a simple formula, and it can be a Trader. I hope they remember.

 I'll share with you a simple formula.. 
  • Time frame => Any one (30 minutes is better) 
  • Pair => Any one
  • Session => London / USD
  • Stop Loss => a 0-30 pip (of course)
  • Take Profit=> formula on the exit there, but I was given 0-50 pip Take profit.
Money Management :-
If your account balance is $ 100 if you pay the highest entry of 0.05 cents. Than 20 pip stop loss if you have $ 1 in Loss. A 1% risk per trade means that we prefer. If 1000 dollars is 10 dollars to your balance take risk. 0. St.'s entry will be 0. Loss will be able to trade your account to be zero to 100. The formula is so bad that you will do after the loss of 100 entries! LoL!

It's good to see that the picture,
Sorry I did not upload images.

Open the .Rar file, open the template file, place the indicator of paste in right place.Simple thing where it was coming this time. I have to use the World famous Moving average crossover signal. We use period 5 and 10. Trend of the filter and the use Moving average 10's High and Low.Moving average hope you know me better. In my opinion the best indicator.Rar file you see in the image dissolve. Viewing images shot in the arrow Character? The signal is not it? High. We are in a good signal on the signal will trade.Revenge Attack!. JPG file, the first ever by a live signal. But we will not trade the entry. But by the time the signal is in the middle of the Moving average 10 High Low. I would have been over by then.I have a cell signal. A beautiful setting. It was a beautiful, moving the cell signal average 10 High Low's gone down. 60 pip profit! Moving at a time when the average 10 High Low close in the middle of the close entry. This formula entry to exit.See the entry by Neil! Moving average the top 10 High Low's gone. By entry. 1 pip profit.It's very easy! I hope I will be able to understand a lot of images. I'll upload the images. Ask me if you have any questions please. We've all BD/Usa Trader who could dissolve Zero account Many of them will be helpful by the formula. This formula is for them to actually Renamed Revenge Attack.
The Indicator Download- Click Here!  
    Warning :-
  •  Please pardon me If i have any mistake in this post.
  • There can be many mistakes in spelling.
  • Please don't touch spelling mistakes.     -->Thank You for read this post and how you get some knowledge  about Forex.


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