Friday, June 28, 2013

What you need to do before selecting a broker?

Dealing desk or no desk dealing?
Two structures broker. One is -
dealing desk where the order is complete and verified before the dealing desk is full.I have no dealing desk where there is no dealing desk, your order if you have automatic price match requests will be fulfilled. There will be no dealer in the middle.
Dealer can money pullet is in the middle of the price.

Suppose you put pressure on the euro by the rate of USD 1.3544. Trade Price Change is reached reach the server. Price change means that the seller is no praise. The broker is the seller, you will have complete request.
When the button is pressed the cell will cause the cell, it can be seen that the rate of response dealing If there is no buyer dealing desk that will send you price it is willing to praise you want to know the cell. This is Requote. This decreases the amount of profit or increase the amount of loss.
dealing desk but if you order a small price movement your order will be full of praise around. In the previous example, that by testing you 1.35440. If the seller is not the rate but the rate will be in the order of 1.3544. And the praise of the cell when the cell is near the Requote there's no chance.
dealing Another advantage is the small desk MOVEMENT facility. They are all no-dealing desk broker price Fifth Decimal (mean number of items to 5 pm).For example, EUR / USD 1.35442/1.35450
Fifth decimal can reduce their spread. Other broker the EUR / USD is 3 pips spread, there is no
dealing desk broker 0.8 -1.8 pip spread. That is why there is no dealing desk fixed spread, the spread variables. The spread of the order, depending on the load. The spread of the order is over. For example, when news publish. If the spread is less than the pressure of the order.
dealing Desk Market Maker / Stop Loss Hunter Broker is also called.No dealing desk broker ECN (Electronic Communication Network) / STP (Straight Through Processing) broker may be.
Some of the popular dealing desk broker -eToro, LiteForex, UWCFX, Avafx
No dilim desk are some of the most popular broker - FXCM, OANDA, Alpari, Tadawulfx, AAAfx, Deltastock,

Of course, trade is regulated broker. The Forex market is not regulated, but the regulation is the broker. Regulated broker does not have the opportunity to
According to the Anti-Money Laundering Act broker the customer's name and the name of the money can be paid back the money, which is the 3rd person. Verify the customer for the customer's name and address to send documents to the broker. Verify the name of the National ID card / passport / driving license scanned copy of the address, with your name and address for verify by Bank statement / telephone bill / electricity bill will send a photocopy of the scanned.
If you think you do not need broker Documents Verify that the broker's fake. Verify that all of the customer's documents and records kept by government law. Make sure the broker has violated the law.
Online review
Finally, before the final decision to move the site from a variety of online broker that can review. Google search by typing the name of the broker +
review the site you will find plenty.For example - FXCM Review.
I see
review current customers. Instant Execution, Faster Withdrawal, No Requotes, Good Customer Service We know you have selected the best broker. the most popular broker in
review site.
Thank You friends for read this long post. Hope you learn something about broker selection from this post. comment in below if you like it.

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