Friday, June 28, 2013

Price Action Strategy - Basic of Price action -Introduction !

After some I again back with Price action strategy. I want that all of new trader who need/wants to successful in forex market then they should learn and follow the price action trading system. If we learn it properly then we can get pips and success step by step from Forex market.
Today I will discuss with you about Forex price action strategy. See in below some question.

  • What is price action?
  • Why we need to use it?
  • This price action strategy is for whom?
  • Is it only strategy or not/or many more for trading?
  • When we can use this strategy?
  • How we can use this strategy?
And many more question avail for this price action strategy? Now I tell you about this question = what is price action?
  1. In forex market Price action strategy must need for all new traders and also for all old and all kinds of traders. For forex trading we should follow the rules. Price action is a legal and right way for trading in forex market. We never trade success fully by following indicators in chart. For trading we need three kinds of analysis. There are :-
  •  Fundamental analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • sentimental Analysis
And in price action this three kinds of analysis available in this system and must need to follow for trade by this system.
Today I will not discuss more about it. I will came again very soon with remaining steps about price action strategy. I will discuss and also tutor about all things above I wrote.
I think I hope you are all will still ok and well and keep practicing in demo or live. Thank you friends. 
Best of Luck.

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