Friday, June 28, 2013

"Rubicon Indicator" will change your luck ! Amazing

Hello dear friends. How are you?

What about your trading  life? How going your trading days - with loss or profit? I hope your trading days going very well and profitable.
So for make your trading days more profitable and loss free,
Today I take a  Amazing indicator for you. That will change your luck. You can't believe that this  "Rubicon Indicator" will give you some exclusive signal in chat with SL , TP and entry price. At first when i used it i also became very Surprised for seeing its signals. Now your turn. you can use it for get more pips from market.
They do not know who is new to Forex. About a successful indicator. It will give you  10% - 20% in a week at a trading period.

This indicator will give u buy signal sell signal with stop loss take profit and order levels directly on chart . When signal come on chart it will automatically show alert with sound alert also with pop-up signal.

You can use Time Frame H1 baa M15 for get best result.
So wish you a good and huge pips word. best use of this indicator. Best of luck. Good night. 
Indicator download From Here --> "Rubicon Indicator" --> Download


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  2. Hi, I downloaded the indicator and I put it in my MT4 but it does not appear among my indicators so I cannot put it in my MT4. Why I cannot add it to my MT4. It is in my MT4 in MQL file and in templates as well I can see it there but when I want to add it to my chart it does not show it among all indicators. Can you help me how can I put it into my chart? Thank you

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