Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Basic Of Forex Market. Important Must Read...

Currency Pair (currency pairs):

Market share in the country's currency against the value of the shares will be determined. For example, the stock market at any price is determined.

The forex market is impossible to determine the value of the currency or currency.
The euro or the dollar can not have any value. For example: 1 for $ 73 you can get the money. It's only 0.70 euros or 0.93 Australian dollars, with $ 1 can be obtained. He reminded the audience that the Japanese iyenera, then $ 1, you get 80 yen. So, what is the value of the dollar? The people of the forex trade market, and the purchase price of the dollar?

This is why the forex market is traded through everything peyarera currency.

For example, EUR / USD (Euro / uesadi), a currency pair. Currently 1 EUR / USD = 1.4434. This means that 1 Euro, you will get $ 1.4434. Oh, I forgot, USD = United States Dollar or USD. Pulling, we can say yetake sugar.

Let's do it some more currency peyarah

1 AUD / USD = 1.0543, 1 Australian dollar means you will receive 1.0543 American dollars.
1 GBP / USD = 1.6422, which means that 1 £ 1.64 you can get to the American dollar.
1 NZD / USD = 0.8177, 0.8177 means that 1 New Zealand dollars, with USD pabenaca
1 USD / JPY = 80.29, which means $ 1 to 80. 9 with the Japanese yen.
1 EUR / JPY = 115.91, 115.91 Japanese yen means that you will get 1 euro.

Nor to the currency peyarera?

Brother, I write a little ghuraya? This means that you wrote it, 1 EUR / USD = 1.4434 as the EUR / USD entering the USD / EUR write, then you have a problem?

Of course not. But remember, the first currency of the currency peyarera next karensita how much you get it.

1 EUR / USD = 1.4434. This means that 1 Euro, you will get $ 1.4434.

Then, 1 USD / EUR 1 million, you will be instructed on how to get the euro. The answer is, the opposite, or 0.6928 1/1.4434

There's a little test you, so you did not learn anything. I can take of this post is below. Be careful, do not answer, but stolen!

Puzzle 1:

1 EUR / GPB = 0.8708, What does that mean? If you can help on, and from the bottom of the can.

Rayei is still a question, you do not know the number of decimal places after the etagulo? For example, 1 EUR / USD = 1.4434 Why write? I likhalei is 1.44. The market share of these items are yours, the share price is at 0, not at 60 or maybe 1 in 00. We never share price of 0. They heard it was 543. Why is it yours?

The Forex market is the currency pairs currency ratio of two. For example, EUR / USD means that the dollar will get 1 euro. The market share of the Bank's share of the 1 pm meeting with the Meghna Cement shares many of the accounts do not get. And so, the stock market price of the shares of fill, but the share price dasamike.

Forex market items of the house until 4 in the forex market because of the general movement of items 3 and 4 in number, are home. So it has been considered the standard

Let's have a glance from 6 June to 10 June, the 011, the 5 days of the EUR / USD price:


Date - the maximum - minimum day

6 June 011 - 1.4558 - 1.4658
7 June 011 - 1.4564 - 1.4696
8 June 011 - 1.4565 - 1.4695
9 June 011 - 1.4478 - 1.4653
10 June 011 - 3 1.43 - 1.4551

Which shows that the market is seeing it move up the items later, in the 3rd and 4th.

[Puzzle 1 Answer: 1 EUR / GPB = 0.8708. This means that 1 Euro, you will get £ 0.8708]


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